1: Create a positive mindset

Do you want to get started with your bad habits? Then take a positive attitude and don't think of "I don't have to do anything" or "I can't do anything". That works negatively and buzzes fear of failure. Form the changes positively. Tell yourself that you prefer the healthy choice to make.

2: Take it step by step

Do you want to get rid of bad habits. Then start with small steps. Nothing can change at once. So first choose a small something to start with. For example, if you want to get more exercise. Then it is better to walk for 10 minutes than to suddenly tell yourself that you are going to walk for hours. If you start with 10 minutes you can always upgrade yourself per week. for example, the first week you do 10 minutes and the second week you add 5-10 minutes. Do it at your own pace that you feel comfortable with.

3: Inform others

Working on bad habits on your own can be quite difficult. It is certainly nice to get a helping hand from family, friends or colleagues. This motivates you more to make the right choice. In addition, you also get some social control that can keep you motivated in difficult moments

4: Make your new habit attractive

Would you like to move more? But after a few attempts, are you no longer able to push yourself? Then combine breaking a bad habit with something attractive. Do you ever meet up with friends at home or in a café for a chat or a drink? Then change this routine by meeting that friend at the gym, tennis court or relaxing in the swimming pool. This way you still have time with your boyfriend or girlfriend, but then doing nothing has to be replaced with a good habit. This way you can help each other to continue this habit together. Click here to go the 5 bad habbits.

5: Give yourself time to change

It takes time to break a bad habit or to learn a new one. So don't expect this new lifestyle to become a habit within 1 to 2 weeks. On average, it takes 66 days for a new routine to be in your system. This is the conclusion of a study by Philippa Lally and others at the University College of London published under the title: How are habits formed: Modeling habit formation in the real world. It is a condition that you do this daily, so that it can get a permanent place in your system. At some point you don't have to think about it anymore.

6: Know your weaknesses

Teaching other behaviors is quite difficult. Whether you want to snack less, move more, get up earlier, and so on. It's never as easy as it seems. You should make an inventory of possible pitfalls in advance. Find solutions for this to be in charge of yourself in those weak moments. For example, make a list of fun things you can do when the bad habit comes back to you. Then, when you have a weak moment, you can use that list to do something fun and distract yourself from the bad habit. Rewarding yourself in this way makes you feel good and reduces the chance that your bad habit will come back.

7: Stay motivated and reward yourself regularly

Unlearning and maintaining habits should of course remain fun. That will keep you motivated to keep going. Reward yourself regularly if you are on the right track. So it remains fun to work on those new habits. Do you have experience in breaking your bad habit? I'm curious how you handled it. Give your reaction or share your tips via contact. I personally respond to this!

8: Set a concrete and clear goal

A good start is half the work. Therefore, prepare well if you want to get rid of a bad habit. What new habit do you want to teach yourself? Face the problem and write it all down. Clearly write down your goals what do you want to achieve and how do you want to do this? For example: you say I want to jog for 20 minutes a day and not: I want to be fit in a few months. That is too broadly formulated for you. Also think about why you want to achieve this new habit and what benefits it can bring you. Visualize a possible end goal. What does life look like for you after you've replaced that bad habit with a good new one? Stay positive and stay realistic.

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The 8 best ways to get rid of bad habbits right now

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