1: Not standing up for yourself.

A bad habit is not standing up for yourself. If you don't stand up for yourself, anger will bottle up until you explode. You must be able to clearly state your boundaries in any situation. Not being able to indicate that you disagree with something or laughing when you are actually not happy at all.

Because of this, there is also a good chance that you will resent other people when they walk all over you. This can be at the expense of relationships between friends and family. Always make it a habit to stand up for yourself.

2: Disobey your conscience.

We all have a voice in our head that tells us what is or is not smart to do. If you do not listen to this voice, you are disobeying your own conscience. Right now you are lying to yourself. If you can't face the truth for yourself, soon you won't even be able to recognize it. This will slowly eat you from the inside.

if you promise yourself not to do something because it's bad for you, but then you do it anyway, you break the promise with yourself. In order for other people to trust you, you must be honest and trustworthy. Once you can trust yourself, you will be able to get others to trust you. The risk you run if you continuously break promises is that you will start doubting yourself. You create distrust. You want to prevent this.

3: Breaking your promises.

4: Neglecting your health can lead to self-contempt.

To neglect your health is to abandon yourself. You have multiple aspects of neglect such as: smoking, alcohol, hygiene matters and not moving in your life. A neglect of your body shows lack of self-respect. The more you neglect your own health, the more likely you are to feel unwell.

5: To gossip. It stops your self-development

Everyone gossips in their life, but what's the point of gossip? Gossip only indicates unreliability, because you apparently find it necessary to talk about the person behind someone's back. Gossiping means indulging in useless activities. Like talking bad about others. Many people do this to protect themselves. Gossiping puts the focus on someone else and not on yourself. Similarly, you would never be able to work on your own flaws and it would be difficult for you to develop yourself. Don't gossip, if you have to say something, tell the person honestly. Click here to go to the 8 best ways to get rid of bad habbits.

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The 5 worst bad habbits to have right now